Yellow Sapphire: Things you know and things you may not

The colour, yes. This is the one thing about Yellow Sapphire that you are guaranteed to know, not much to your credit. The abrupt start is regretted, but nevertheless, there is perhaps no fitting introduction to one of the most popular gemstones in the world and neither does it need one.

Yellow Sapphire, as all varieties of Sapphire, fall into the Corundum family of minerals and gemstones. Discovered fairly recently, in terms of the time spans the existences of gemstones are usually measured in, in Cambodia by miners, the gemstone has risen to popularity with lightning speed, and many sources of the gemstone have popped up since.

Yellow Sapphire as mentioned, has steadily grown up to be one of the most popular gemstones in the world. No more is Blue Sapphire the definitive subcategory, and its yellow cousin enjoys an equivalent share of the limelight. The stone is found in abundance in countries such as Tanzania, Madagascar, India (found especially in Kashmir), Sri Lanka, Thailand and many more. Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in the Indian dialect, is one of the most popular and revered gemstones in the country. Having its roots go back to as far as the Vedic age, the stone enjoys being referenced multiple times in the ancient texts of the land. It is in fact the Vedic texts that led the stone to occupy such a pivotal position in the country’s culture and the astrological circle alike. The Yellow Sapphire is known to be the gemstone that falls under the influence of the Sun God, and is known to be suitable for people born in October. Its popularity in the Indian gemstone market owes itself to many factors, including its range of benefits. It is known to be tremendously effective in boosting the confidence and moral strength of the wearer, allowing them to take risks and make bold moves which they would otherwise not have the courage to do. Yellow sapphires are, being related to the Sun God, said to gift their wearers with the same strength and vitality that the Sun God is known for.

It must be stated however, that the fame of Yellow Sapphire is not without its share of hiccups. The popularity of the gemstone consequently subjects it to many dishonest business strategies that stoop as low as supplying fake copies of the gemstone. Though with a sound knowledge of the gemstone it is possible to avoid such scenarios, instances of people getting scammed over a yellow sapphire are more common than they should be.

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