What is a Wellness Massage?

You must have heard of massage, but do you know what wellness massage is? Let’s understand the motive of wellness massage in a better way:

  • To attain a balance between a healthy mind and body by consistent efforts by the massage expert.
  • An approach to healthcare that focuses on preventing illness and extending life rather than treating diseases.

Wellness massage is not simply a pampering and relaxing massage, nor is it intended to treat any injuries or medical conditions. Wellness massage is basically a service that is delivered personally by the expert to promote good health by relaxing techniques. The continued massage therapy improvises the levels of response to physical stress or strain in the body. Click here to experience the best wellness with a massage chair from OGAWA

There are three types of treatments that are normally adopted in wellness massage, such as

  1. Swedish Massage: It promotes overall relaxation by utilizing a variety of hand manipulations. It is beneficial for the good health of the heart.
  2. Prenatal Massage: This kind of massage is also known as pregnancy massage for expecting mothers. It helps women relax their bodies and minds during pregnancy and also nourishes the baby.
  3. Sports Massage: It is a deep tissue massage that is used to increase circulation, lymphatic flow, relax muscle spasms, relieve pain, and increase range of motion and flexibility.

Wellness massage not just delivers relaxation in your body, but it serves more purpose.

  • Mentally: Wellness massage is a beautiful way to seek meditation and experience true bliss by relaxing the mind. The person getting the massage just drops down his worries and anxieties. The rest gives you a boost of energy and a new perspective on problems.
  • Physically: The emphasis here is on relaxing muscle tissue and assisting the body’s natural healing process. The goal is to prevent injuries rather than treat them. Muscles are toned and relaxed, tensions are released, and aches and pains are relieved. Range and mobility are expanded.
  • Emotionally: A wellness massage can help with that. Physical contact and closeness assist the recipient in reconnecting with themselves. Oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormone, is released, providing emotional support. Many people report that they feel better after getting a massage.
  • Spiritually: It provides spiritual energy and healing. Massage helps the recipient connect with their higher self, the Universe, and Mother Earth. One of the reasons a client connects with one therapist over another is the spiritual component.
  • Holistic approach: A wellness massage treats and supports the recipient on all levels. It is a massage that looks at the individual as a whole. If one aspect of our being is out of balance, the others suffer as a result.

So now you have learned all about wellness massage, its types, and the various benefits it provides to the person getting the massage. Next time whenever you feel overloaded, stressed out, or having any sort of body aches do not miss an appointment to get a relaxing massage.